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United by Confusion

Oh look, email.  Let’s see what we got here…

Click here for Online Check-in for: United 9195 – April 17, 2010


Travelport View Trip is providing you direct access to the United Easy Check-In Online ® service.From here, you can check-in online for your flight quickly and easily.


EasyCheck-in: Flight status

A flight in your itinerary has been cancelled. To rebook, please contact reservations at 1-800-589-5582, see a United Representative, or use an EasyCheck-in kiosk at the airport.
Flight From To
United 947
Boeing 777
Upgraded flight

Flight cancelled
Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)
Apr 16
Scheduled: 12:15 PM
Estimated: 12:15 PM
Washington, DC (IAD)
Apr 16
Scheduled: 2:31 PM
Estimated: 2:31 PM
Confirmation #: ZKGJ5Y Looking for a different itinerary?

Sweet!  The new itinerary is tied to the old itinerary, what’s been canceled.  But hey, at least I got the automated message that the new flight is ready for online checkin!  So, thanks for that.

Not that either Schiphol or Frankfurt are likely to be open tomorrow anyway.

I Want my Fury!

Next up: Who's gay?

Next up: Who's gay?

Don’t you hate when life imitates art?

Standing in the checkout line, living normally in a world of steak, prepackaged couscous, and kitty litter.  A world, in short, of normalcy, of a universe I can believe, with consistent laws and ordinary people.  And then, this!  And all of the sudden I’m up Ben Edlund’s universe without a superpower.

It’s the perfect story
So they say
Hammer’s call to glory
Let’s all be our best
Next up – Who’s gay?

Although, does the Enquirer really count as life?  I mean, since they absorbed the Weekly World News those guys have had to have something to do I guess.

Still, if you’re gonna show me things like that in the checkout line, I really think I deserve to have Marty Noxon show up at my house.  Or NPH.  Or at least David Fury.

Life is so fucking unfair.

Hey! Where’d the Cuttlefish Go?

Man, those color-changing creatures sure can be hard to find sometimes.

Digital Cuttlefish!
Bustin’ out rhymes
After all doesn’t pay.

His disguise is remarkable
Here and now gone! He just
Melted away.

Good luck, DC! We’ll catch you on the flipside.

This is Piss! Piss Without Ink!

Am I sophomoric for thinking this is hy-larious?

No, because it’s really well done!

Silly Google, Ski-jumping is in the Winter Olympics

Don't drive like my brother!

Apropos of this, look what just came up when I used the “look at street view” tool on Google maps! This sort of driving would make sense in Boston, but this scene is Providence.

Aaaand, WP 2.6 ain’t smart enough to put a <break> tag after the left-aligned image, so here’s some lorem ipsum to get the text far enough along so that it all looks good on the main page.

Yeah, WP is okay, but, y’know.  Issues.

Nathan Patrick Who?

Okay, I’m doing my part. Everyone go check this out.

Both of you.

This is supposed to be a pretty banner, but WordPress is hating me right now. So just click the boring words.

It’s Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog!

Dr. Horrible\'s Sing-Along Blog lives RIGHT HERE!

Holy Fwaa! It’s Freenynakamas!

I had all but forgotten!  Smilin’ Jay reminded me that July 7 is Freenynakamas.  Or was it Freeny-Nakamas?  And what was it about the wheat paste anyway?  Well, hell, it’s been a long time since high school, it’s kinda hard to remember.  But I’ll raise a glass of grot anyway, if I can find some.

It is good to remember.  Lot of water over the bridge since then, sure, but those times will always be with me.  The spontaneous hikes up the mountain, the mad drive to get up the other side before the sun came up.  Riding around town in someone else’s Land Cruiser, with the roof off and the gas tank never more than 1/2 full.  Pulling up next to a carload of girls, our very attitude just screaming geek! Setting off the fireworks from the radio antennas at graduation.  Watching the mayor turn into a snake and eat us all.  Good times.

Some of those things actually happened.

Well, Freeny-Naka never made it big like the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but he was our fake prophet, and nobody can take that away from us.

Happy Freeny-Nakamas, everyone.

ID: The Musical

Over on Pharyngula, the question was posed about creationists:

What about dentistry attracts these people?

Kinda got me thinking. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with meat-eating plants from outer space.

Which leads inevitably to Intelligent Design: The Musical!. But that’s too plain. Little Shop of Canards? Not likely.

I’m sure there’s a salable product here somewhere. We get Roy Zimmerman to write the words and music, and PZ to write the book, yeah! A little backing, and Broadway, here we come! Just need that catchy title. Best Little Schoolhouse in Texas? Donny Does Dallas? (Yes, there is a musical called “Debbie Does Dallas“)

I mean, it can’t do any worse than Glory Days! (Click that link quick, it’s not likely to last much longer, given the rather, uh, abbreviated run the show had on Broadway. Yeah, we’re talking one day. Ouch.)