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United by Confusion

Oh look, email.  Let’s see what we got here…

Click here for Online Check-in for: United 9195 – April 17, 2010


Travelport View Trip is providing you direct access to the United Easy Check-In Online ® service.From here, you can check-in online for your flight quickly and easily.


EasyCheck-in: Flight status

A flight in your itinerary has been cancelled. To rebook, please contact reservations at 1-800-589-5582, see a United Representative, or use an EasyCheck-in kiosk at the airport.
Flight From To
United 947
Boeing 777
Upgraded flight

Flight cancelled
Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)
Apr 16
Scheduled: 12:15 PM
Estimated: 12:15 PM
Washington, DC (IAD)
Apr 16
Scheduled: 2:31 PM
Estimated: 2:31 PM
Confirmation #: ZKGJ5Y Looking for a different itinerary?

Sweet!  The new itinerary is tied to the old itinerary, what’s been canceled.  But hey, at least I got the automated message that the new flight is ready for online checkin!  So, thanks for that.

Not that either Schiphol or Frankfurt are likely to be open tomorrow anyway.

Fly, Little Boeing! Fly Like the Wind!

Well that was a sucky day of travel.

And it was going so well.  Got to the airport in plenty of time, found a decent parking space.  Got through the TSA checkpoint with all my clothes on.  Well, except the belt, which either has more metal than my old belt or they’ve lowered the sensitivity threshold on the magnetometers.  Walked away without it, cause for some reason it came through a long time after the computer and I’m still not used to collecting it.  Guess it’s a really confusing belt in X-rays.  Or maybe it’s because they have that stupid long tunnel the shit has to ride through after it’s done being scanned, and the whole pipeline stops while they look at the next item.  Stupid ass design.

But no wait, I was having a good day.  Because the nice TSA lady called me back to let me know I’d forgotten my belt.  Then I got to ride the shiny new trains at Dulles, instead of the stupid mobile lounges.  No.  Wait.  That was in a dream.  I only got to look at the shiny new not-yet-open-to-the-public trains.  Still adjusting the strength of the MagLev solenoids I suppose.  Cause given how long we’ve been waiting, they’ve gotta be MagLev.  With a load of Pascaline D and a detachment of Alliance soldiers in the next car.

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Wasted in the Great Unknown

Vacant crowded streets of stone
Recall a memory, unknown.
Beneath the neon, not outshone
By women tan and thin.

Displayed like sirens from inside
Where crystal walls the world divide
And by revealing, coyly hide
A golden mannequin.

Which lightly trying to beguile
Mind to thoughts more versatile
Removing clothing, thoughts, and smile
Opening to view

So much of skin, a golden lotus
Hoping for a moment’s notice.
Yet my thought, sad and remote is:
All I want is you.