United by Confusion

Oh look, email.  Let’s see what we got here…

Click here for Online Check-in for: United 9195 – April 17, 2010


Travelport View Trip is providing you direct access to the United Easy Check-In Online ® service.From here, you can check-in online for your flight quickly and easily.


EasyCheck-in: Flight status

A flight in your itinerary has been cancelled. To rebook, please contact reservations at 1-800-589-5582, see a United Representative, or use an EasyCheck-in kiosk at the airport.
Flight From To
United 947
Boeing 777
Upgraded flight

Flight cancelled
Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS)
Apr 16
Scheduled: 12:15 PM
Estimated: 12:15 PM
Washington, DC (IAD)
Apr 16
Scheduled: 2:31 PM
Estimated: 2:31 PM
Confirmation #: ZKGJ5Y Looking for a different itinerary?

Sweet!  The new itinerary is tied to the old itinerary, what’s been canceled.  But hey, at least I got the automated message that the new flight is ready for online checkin!  So, thanks for that.

Not that either Schiphol or Frankfurt are likely to be open tomorrow anyway.

3 Responses to “United by Confusion”

  1. 1 Squeak

    I for surely thought something in America caused you to have writer’s block. You are definitely better there than here. You should travel more…you know, for the readers.

  2. 2 mirrormundo

    i had a ticket for the same flight one day later, which was also cancelled. i called +1-800-589-5582, and they referred me to +1-800-538-2929 where i could book for the 21st. that’s a 4 day loss, but what can you do? first there was icesave, and now this…

  3. 3 Kevin

    Hey now, I wrote two whole posts before I came over here! Maybe I just din’t have anything to write about. Or maybe it’s just that I’m so doggone lazy!

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