ID: The Musical

Over on Pharyngula, the question was posed about creationists:

What about dentistry attracts these people?

Kinda got me thinking. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with meat-eating plants from outer space.

Which leads inevitably to Intelligent Design: The Musical!. But that’s too plain. Little Shop of Canards? Not likely.

I’m sure there’s a salable product here somewhere. We get Roy Zimmerman to write the words and music, and PZ to write the book, yeah! A little backing, and Broadway, here we come! Just need that catchy title. Best Little Schoolhouse in Texas? Donny Does Dallas? (Yes, there is a musical called “Debbie Does Dallas“)

I mean, it can’t do any worse than Glory Days! (Click that link quick, it’s not likely to last much longer, given the rather, uh, abbreviated run the show had on Broadway. Yeah, we’re talking one day. Ouch.)

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