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5-strings Got Some

Ooh, two posts in one day! So we saw Carbon Leaf last night at Power Plant Live up in Bawlmer. Free show, woo-hoo! And we didn’t even drink any of the über-expensive beer they expect you to. For the win!

Great show, lots of fun. Right at that edge of small enough to still be Real Music rather than Overblown Spectacle, but large enough to have some nice equipment. Stood there long enough to be basically second row, so great view. Hmm, Terry was playing One Prairie Outpost capo 3, when everything on the internets says its capo 2. Someone on the internet is wrong!

Here’s Jordan signing my shirt. Yeah, just him. Like I care about anyone other than the bass player. He’s got a pretty cool 5-string semi-acoustic upright, that I need. That plus some lessons. Thanks for the photo, Maggie!

Jordan Medas of Carbon Leaf

Happy Endings Aren’t, Anyway

Okay, let’s try this Dr. Horrible banner thingy again:

Yeah, so Dr. Horrible. Sweet! It ain’t gonna be free much longer, so get it while the gettin’s good. If it’s too late already (and I’m pretty sure it is), you’ll have to pay for it. May as well; you get higher resolution and you support this new media thingy.

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Losing the War on Photography

So I was reading Ed Brayton’s report on being arrested for photographing a cop, and realized what a coup I got away with last weekend.  Not only did I photograph a National Park Police helicopter, I recorded its sound! And then, to make matters worse, I went to the Vietnam memorial and recorded audio there too! Man am I gonna get in trouble.

Except here’s the cool part.  The Park Police flew for me!  All we hadda do was ask.  Hooray them!  So now we have some awesome helicopter sound effects, as well as background noise from the Wall, for One Red Flower: Letters Home From Vietnam. Which doesn’t open until next February, but we’ve been working on it for a year already.  It’s gonna be the most awesome show ever done by a community theatre.  I’m even going to have to make a major update to Macs Cue for it.

No web presence for the show yet, so I can’t show you it.

But I can show you the helicopter.  Yes, I asked.  They said take as many photos as you want.  It’s a secure area; we couldn’t stay there without an escort, but photography was okay.  Wow, real security instead of security theatre.  Go National Park Police!

NPP Helicopter, gettin\' ready to sound like a Huey.

Nathan Patrick Who?

Okay, I’m doing my part. Everyone go check this out.

Both of you.

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Holy Fwaa! It’s Freenynakamas!

I had all but forgotten!  Smilin’ Jay reminded me that July 7 is Freenynakamas.  Or was it Freeny-Nakamas?  And what was it about the wheat paste anyway?  Well, hell, it’s been a long time since high school, it’s kinda hard to remember.  But I’ll raise a glass of grot anyway, if I can find some.

It is good to remember.  Lot of water over the bridge since then, sure, but those times will always be with me.  The spontaneous hikes up the mountain, the mad drive to get up the other side before the sun came up.  Riding around town in someone else’s Land Cruiser, with the roof off and the gas tank never more than 1/2 full.  Pulling up next to a carload of girls, our very attitude just screaming geek! Setting off the fireworks from the radio antennas at graduation.  Watching the mayor turn into a snake and eat us all.  Good times.

Some of those things actually happened.

Well, Freeny-Naka never made it big like the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but he was our fake prophet, and nobody can take that away from us.

Happy Freeny-Nakamas, everyone.