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I Want my Fury!

Next up: Who's gay?

Next up: Who's gay?

Don’t you hate when life imitates art?

Standing in the checkout line, living normally in a world of steak, prepackaged couscous, and kitty litter.  A world, in short, of normalcy, of a universe I can believe, with consistent laws and ordinary people.  And then, this!  And all of the sudden I’m up Ben Edlund’s universe without a superpower.

It’s the perfect story
So they say
Hammer’s call to glory
Let’s all be our best
Next up – Who’s gay?

Although, does the Enquirer really count as life?  I mean, since they absorbed the Weekly World News those guys have had to have something to do I guess.

Still, if you’re gonna show me things like that in the checkout line, I really think I deserve to have Marty Noxon show up at my house.  Or NPH.  Or at least David Fury.

Life is so fucking unfair.