Silly Google, Ski-jumping is in the Winter Olympics

Don't drive like my brother!

Apropos of this, look what just came up when I used the “look at street view” tool on Google maps! This sort of driving would make sense in Boston, but this scene is Providence.

Aaaand, WP 2.6 ain’t smart enough to put a <break> tag after the left-aligned image, so here’s some lorem ipsum to get the text far enough along so that it all looks good on the main page.

Yeah, WP is okay, but, y’know.  Issues.

2 Responses to “Silly Google, Ski-jumping is in the Winter Olympics”

  1. 1 Maggie

    Google really wants you to drive off a bridge? Where did you find that?

  2. 2 Kevin

    Just plot a course from DC to Nantucket, and click on the street view icon for the exit from I-91 to US-6 in Providence. I think they just used the wrong street view; you’re not actually on that bridge at the time, you’re underneath it.

    If you map the path to Boston instead of Nantucket (so you take the other option at that split), it uses the correct street view, which is the same Lat & Long, but about 30 feet lower altitude.

    Another amusing thing is to find a bridge over a deep canyon (like Glen Canyon Bridge in northern Arizona) in Google Earth, then go to an oblique view. The bridge isn’t in the elevation database, so it maps the overhead image of the bridge (and cars!) onto the topography of the gorge. It’s not a bridge, it’s a ford!

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