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Things I Hate, Part 2

The only thing worse than trying to piece together the puzzle of someone else’s code that was abandoned in the middle of converting to a brand-new architecture, with parts of the old stuff still remaining but some parts brand-new, many of which are still interdependent, with similar names because they do almost the same thing but don’t need exactly the same inputs or give the same outputs, and no documentation of how far along the changes have gotten, because like I said it was abandoned in mid-stream,

is when the code is my own.

I’m gonna need a bigger tea mug.

It’s the Little Things you do Together

Oh, check this out!

Look what website validates as legal HTML!

Look what website validates as legal HTML!

Sure, it’s a tiny thing, but it’s the kind of thing that happens when you hire, y’know, experts.  Who, y’know, give a damn.

Better stop it, Mr. Obama, you’re getting my hopes up.

A New Day in America

Oh yeah, he’s one of us!!

I love this photo!  Wish I knew who to credit, but I got it from <a href=

Yes, America has finally elected its first Mac-using president.  About time!

(I found the photo here. HT to PZ.)