5-strings Got Some

Ooh, two posts in one day! So we saw Carbon Leaf last night at Power Plant Live up in Bawlmer. Free show, woo-hoo! And we didn’t even drink any of the über-expensive beer they expect you to. For the win!

Great show, lots of fun. Right at that edge of small enough to still be Real Music rather than Overblown Spectacle, but large enough to have some nice equipment. Stood there long enough to be basically second row, so great view. Hmm, Terry was playing One Prairie Outpost capo 3, when everything on the internets says its capo 2. Someone on the internet is wrong!

Here’s Jordan signing my shirt. Yeah, just him. Like I care about anyone other than the bass player. He’s got a pretty cool 5-string semi-acoustic upright, that I need. That plus some lessons. Thanks for the photo, Maggie!

Jordan Medas of Carbon Leaf

2 Responses to “5-strings Got Some”

  1. 1 Maggie

    No problem! Glad I caught it!

    I clearly need to get my (correct) version of the tab out there..

  2. 2 Maggie

    Oh, and I added you to my google reader.

    If you want to stalk Craig, it’s chiropter.blogspot.com.

    My public blog is the-mogwai.livejournal.com

    (old college nickname, don’t ask.) 😉

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