Okay, Let’s Go

Excuse me, sir, can I see your receipt? No.  Thanks, I already paid.  But you have your receipt? Yes, it’s in my wallet, in my pocket.  I need to validate it. Yeah, I really don’t have time.  (I’ve been shopping for 3 hours, and I’m hot and sweaty and not interested in digging around in my pocket for the receipt I just put in there. and you’re stopping me why?)  I need to validate your receipt. No, you really don’t.

Chasing me down out of the store?  Seriously?  At least I am a sir, not some short-haired biker chick who you’ll really piss off.  And how many people walk out without getting validated while you’re following me around?

(No, I’m not going to show you my receipt.  How is it you don’t get that yet?  You gonna charge me with shoplifting, or you gonna let me go?  Or maybe neither, and try to detain me, and good luck with the lawsuit.  Did you really not see me 10 feet from you at the checkout stand?)

No, you don’t need to validate anything.  Well no need to be an asshole about it.

Okay, that’s it.  Were I not tired to death of shopping it was time for a little walk to ask your supervisor if it’s store policy to call customers assholes.  Shirley you know you can’t stop people.

Welcome to my almost-boycott list, Lowe’s.  Along with Home Depot, which leaves a lot of distant places to shop.  Which is why the almost-.  I need a real lumber yard that doesn’t chain across the country.  Hammond Lumber, why do you only live in Maine?

Yes.  Yes, I know ycycle does this better.  Tough.

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