Oh, Now I Get It!

I’ve been very confused about some aspects of the health care “debate” recently.  Happily, Roy Zimmerman has explained it all in his latest newsletter:

I’ve been listening – really listening – to the good citizens who oppose health care reform, because I feel it would be easy to miss the subtlety of their reasoning amid the screaming and the booing and the finger-poking and the name-calling and the shoving and the cold-cocking and the Red-scaring and the race-bating. As I see it, their argument breaks down to seven well-considered points:

  1. We can’t have a Public Option because options limit Freedom.
  2. If we had a government-run health care plan, people would certainly choose it over their own plans because government can’t do anything right.
  3. We need “tort reform,” whatever that is.
  4. Socialism.
  5. Private insurers have an obligation to stockholders and government does not, so government-run health care would concern itself with health, not with profit, and Adam Smith wouldn’t like that.
  6. There’s no place for government in health care except when implanted in a woman’s womb.
  7. Barack Obama is a Marxist Nazi.
  8. And Black.

He forgot “Keep your government hands off my Medicare, you damn dirty ape!”, but otherwise that about sums it up.  Plus, someone can’t count, and I don’t think it’s Roy.

I hope that clarifies things.

3 Responses to “Oh, Now I Get It!”

  1. 1 Alan

    I must have missed the tag here. I don’t know what to call the list he gives because its a complete bastardization of why people oppose a government takeover of healthcare.

    If you’re really interested in the debate, see Daniel Hannan’s speech “Putting the Government in Charge: Why America Should Avoid Europe’s Mistakes” at Heritage.org or some of the other articles Heritage Foundation has published, like http://www.heritage.org/Press/FactSheet/fs0040.cfm. There’s a whole list of them at http://www.heritage.org/research/healthcare/healthcarereform/.

  2. 2 Alan

    oops — I actually used html formatting and my >sarcasm< tag got swallowed. It should read “I must have missed the >sarcasm< tag here.” (I hope that displays right)

  3. 3 Kevin

    If you think that’s a bastardization, you haven’t been paying attention. See, the point is people don’t actually say any of those things in their outside voice. Or at least not in the same sentence.

    Also, The Heritage Foundation? With a title “Putting the Government in Charge”? SRSLY? You might as well refer me to a FOX news article.

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