Things I Hate, Part 4


But we showed them!  We walked out, drove to Carmax, and got almost the same car (one year older but half the mileage, and in a prettier color) for $1000 less, and were offered 50% more in trade, than we had after two hours of waiting at the dealer for “checking with my manager”, “calling another buyer”, “checking with my manager”, doing “anything we can to earn your business”, and my favorite, “Good news!!!  We reduced the price by an amount we hope your brain is too small to notice is about 1/3 of the amount we just said we could!!!11!!”

Also, having never traded a car in before, I was unaware of the trick where after they test drive your old vehicle, they fail to return the keys.  Nice.  Took 3 tries to get ’em back; once they appeared on the table I just grabbed them.

Carmax actually worked as advertised.  Car was as it appeared on the web, price was good (10% below Blue Book, and significantly better than the dealer), they were reasonably efficient at getting the paperwork done, and the only hard sell was for the extended warranty.  But even that was only two tries, and we moved on.  Plus the salesman sounded just like bounty hunter Jubal Early on episode 14 of Firefly! Carmax 1, Toyota of Glen Burnie 0.

Oh well, too bad for T of GB.  Of course they’re calling now, trying to get us back in with no doubt suddenly lower prices.  Do I take their call and tell them I bought one from someone else cause they suck, or do I let them keep trying for weeks?  Choices, choices.

2 Responses to “Things I Hate, Part 4”

  1. 1 Maggie

    Car salesmen are the worst. Sounds like your experience was pretty annoying. I can’t believe you couldn’t get your keys back! Glad you got a car you are happy with though! Of course, now I won’t recognize when you drive by. You will definitely have to get another Coding Is Not a Crime bumper sticker. 😉

    I vote you tell T of GB that they suck. 🙂

  2. 2 Kevin

    They called back later that evening, and continued trying to sales-pitch me after I told them I got one elsewhere. Also, I still have Auberon, so you’ll still recognize me.

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