Der Besuch der Alten Chita

I’m not completely sure I like the new Broadway-themed direction of Signature Theatre in Shirlington, but I did enjoy seeing Chita Rivera on Tuesday night. She was dancing on Broadway before I was born, man. And George Hearn, too. I’ve only ever seen him in the DVD of Sweeney Todd (the stage production, not the movie). He’s got some acting range.

The show was “The Visit”, which I didn’t realize until later was a pretty faithful musical version of Der Besuch der Alten Dame, by D├╝renmatt. Which like all good second-year German students I read back in college. Very, uh, German sort of story, which means who knows if I liked it. Hated the lighting design, though. Screw those Broadway designers, just give me Chris Lee.

Best part was when the power went out halfway through Chita’s song about marrying often and widowing well. They just kept on keeping on! Microphones, schmicrophones, it’s a small house and we’ll just project. Coolio!

So, overall, a worthwhile night for sure. Still, I hope Signature doesn’t go too Broadway as time goes on.

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