Things I Hate, Part 5

Kids (yeah, kids.  With X marks on their hands and no-alcohol colored wristbands.  Now get the hell off my lawn) who don’t know the difference between a concert and a bar.  See, a bar is where you go to meet friends, talk, drink, and occasionally pay attention to the band.

Also, “Hang out with your wang out” is mildly amusing, if you are planning to drop trou.  Otherwise repeating it ad nauseum doesn’t even make sense.  C’mon kids, if you’re gonna rock out with your cock out, let’s see it.  Otherwise it’s just talk.

Anyway, what these tots need is a little lesson in paying attention and shutting the hell up.  But who would they listen to?

4 Responses to “Things I Hate, Part 5”

  1. 1 Squeak

    Oh, I am a slut for a good read. Any thoughts on what Civil Union actually means? Because if they let you have a Civil Union partner in addition to a wife I’d like to get my dibs in now in case Maryland ever adopts it. Unless you had someone else in mind. Or the wife minds. Let me know.

  2. 2 Kevin

    Well, “Squeak” (if that is your real name), if you think my wife would go for that kind of kinky stuff, you’re crazy. Absolutely correct, but crazy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Also, did you mean to post this on the next entry?

  3. 3 Squeak

    Oh, it’s valid on damn near every entry, but I got it right.

  4. 4 Kevin

    Well thanks. Say, if you love a good story, there’s a certain hot biker chick’s blog I highly recommend.

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