Off to see my dad in Nantucket for two weeks. ACK!

(4.5K JPEG)
Ready for the beach
(2.9K JPEG)
Lisa and Mary
(4.0K JPEG)
Here come the waves.
(3.4K JPEG)
Surf is fun for everyone
(3.5K JPEG)
Fun-sized waves
(3.1K JPEG)
Salt? You're soaking in it.
(5.3K JPEG)
Shells aplenty
(3.3K JPEG)
Learning to sail
(3.9K JPEG)
Lisa too
(4.2K JPEG)
(3.2K JPEG)
(4.0K JPEG)
Got one!
(3.8K JPEG)
Lisa clamming
(4.0K JPEG)
Supper's ready
(4.0K JPEG)
Letting the air out
(2.8K JPEG)
Here I go
(3.9K JPEG)
Down and over
(3.3K JPEG)
And up