After approval of Astro-E2, this was our first interface meeting (and Science Working Group meeting), in Japan. Naturally we were forced (forced, I tell you) to sample the local customs and cuisine. All for the benefit of international goodwill and understanding.

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Multi-course dinner
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Midori-san, instigator of dinner
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Many people in a small room
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"About this big, and furry."
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Caroline hates paparazzi.
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The storytelling continues
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Someone is amused
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Not sure what's happening here
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Abunai! Abunai!
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And Kevinstein
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Another night, another dinner
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And beer, of course
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Oscar pulls Hirabayashi-san's leg. Again.
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Mitsuda-san and Fujimoto-san
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Rich and Mitsuda-san
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Dan McCammon sings
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