Off to ISAS with the XRS-2 electronics boxes, for fit checks and electrical checkouts. With us this time: Gary (systems engineer), Juli (I&T queen), Tom (box lead), Leo (the hermit), Jeff (I&T & computer guy), and me (another box lead)

(6.1K JPEG)
Aren't they just the cutest things?
(4.1K JPEG)
Tom at the beginning
(4.2K JPEG)
Tom by the end
(4.9K JPEG)
I'll just remove the head, here...
(4.5K JPEG)
...oh yeah, that's good...
(3.6K JPEG)
This is more Tom's style
(4.2K JPEG)
Meanwhile, Gary eats his fish without complaint
(3.6K JPEG)
Down the hatch
(4.6K JPEG)
Juli goes for the shouchu
(4.9K JPEG)
Fujimoto is not to be outdone
(3.4K JPEG)
I'll just have one, thanks
(3.3K JPEG)
Excuse me sir, there's a giant pool ball in your building
(2.4K JPEG)
Sunset over Tokyo
(4.8K JPEG)
Rooftop beer garden
(2.9K JPEG)
The best sushi restaurant in the world
(5.2K JPEG)
Mmmm, durian...
(3.9K JPEG)
The Dubliner irish pub
(4.4K JPEG)
The Meiji shrine, near Shinjuku
(3.0K JPEG)
A chrysanthemum door
(4.3K JPEG)
Who's the boss?
(5.8K JPEG)
Dancers and dancers
(2.9K JPEG)
I am Darth Shibuya
(4.5K JPEG)
Suck down that grapefruit juice
(6.3K JPEG)
Check out the Dremel selection
(4.6K JPEG)
Little teeny tiny asparagus
(3.6K JPEG)
It's secret agent Salmon in his fancy car!
(4.1K JPEG)
Hey, we found a park in Machida
(2.7K JPEG)
With a wacky water sculpture
(5.4K JPEG)
Machida: A river runs through it
(3.8K JPEG)
The world's smallest keg
(4.9K JPEG)
Dinner with the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries folks
(4.0K JPEG)
Pass the noodles!
(4.1K JPEG)
The SHI gang will always sing