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Did you catch the theme? Yes? Hey, you must be another Neal Stephenson fan! That's right, they're all from his books.

American Megaversity

A.k.a. The Big U, a.k.a. Boston University. Not his best book (in fact, his worst), but worth a read if you like geek lit, and can find it.

Pöyzen Böyzen

The two-umlaut band from Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller (reissued when The Diamond Age took off. ISBN: 0553573861). I just drew this and the American Megaversity thing using ClarisDraw.

The Rat Thing

Fun with Photoshop! The Rat Thing, a nuclear-powered, LN2-cooled, genetically modified watchdog, appears in Snow Crash (ISBN 0553380958). (Actually, I think it was more of a pit bull than a german shepherd, but what the hell...)

This was fun. The dog is a combination of two photos of Scott Porter's (very friendly) shepherd "Ato", with a bit of smearing to the eyes and motion blur for the fangs, and the saturation turned up to levels that far exceed OSHA limits. The green eyes come natural-like, from the flash. The fractal in the background is from J.C. Sprott's collection.

Next up: Rod Logic and the M.C.'s (toner-based R&B). But I need a 3-D drawing package before I can do what I want for that (because I have absolutely no artistic ability). For the time being, just imagine a really cool 3-D image.