Tam returned for a week in June. Here's what happened. Well, some of what happened. I keep having to remove items from this group that people keep bandwidth-stealing from various blogs. Eventually only the boring pictures will remain.

(8.4K JPEG)
Tali teaches Kevin his new song
(7.1K JPEG)
And the beat goes like this...
(9.0K JPEG)
Psst! Tam! First one's free.
(8.1K JPEG)
Look, it has a DSP too!
(7.3K JPEG)
I'm a rocker. I rock out.
(7.1K JPEG)
And Rich Kelley on lead guitar
(9.2K JPEG)
Robert's pulsing knob
(9.2K JPEG)
Robert, Tyler, and Tam
(3.5K JPEG)
Robert and Tyler
(9.3K JPEG)
Which one is Tyler?