At and around Kagoshima Space Center, near Uchinoura Japan (at the southeast end of Kyushu), for the launch of ASTRO-E.

Does any of this remind you of Riven?

(3.4K JPEG)
A rebel observation tower, maybe
(3.5K JPEG)
Why is it this shape?
(3.9K JPEG)
Okay, which valves do we need to operate?
(3.8K JPEG)
And what the hell are those?
(4.3K JPEG)
Is this the way to Gehn's lab?
(5.5K JPEG)
No, it's just another dead end
(3.9K JPEG)
The goddess likes shouchu
(6.2K JPEG)
The XRS team on top of the M-V launch tower
(3.1K JPEG)
Out of the way, real photographer coming through
(4.3K JPEG)
After closing the access panel for the last time