Tam flew all the way from Canadia for this. Lowercase robert lindsay invited us to Galaxy Hut in Arlington, because he knows the owner, Alice Despard. Tam and Eb Oesch and I showed up. Alas, nearly all my photos of Eric are for crap. We had no idea who would be playing. It turned out to be That 1 Guy, who plays a contraption made of 2" steel pipe, some strings and pickups, buttons, electronics, and duct tape. And is an extremely talented musician on top of all the Rube Goldbergery.

See also Tam's photos.

(8.0K JPEG)
Tyler mugs for the camera
(8.4K JPEG)
(8.9K JPEG)
Tam and Eric enjoy the weather
(8.3K JPEG)
Tyler's balloon bust
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(8.8K JPEG)
That Face!
(8.2K JPEG)
Sing it, bay-bee!
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In case it wasn't crazy enough
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Nice Gig Case!
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keV, Tam, and Jack
(8.8K JPEG)
Tam @created an ashtray
(8.3K JPEG)
Jack made one too